Open Source Campaign Targeter

There are some really big software suites built for managing marketing campaigns, for example SAS Customer Intelligence Studio or IBM Unica, those are really big enterprise-level software suites. They are built upon a gigantic Java infrastructure, and are supported by big corporations which charge a big amount of money for the software.

Those tools are fine, i'm not saying they are not good, but i do think there should be some kind of Open Source alternative anyone can use, built on modern technologies and methodologies.

This is why i'm starting this project: Open Source Campaign Targeter (OSCT).

It aims to be the best possible tool to generate campaign targets, to later process in a relevant CRM tool like mailchimp, salesforce, openerp, or whatever your campaign system is. If you are interested look for my repositories on github.

Unless i change my mind, for now i'm planning on developing the front-end with Angular.js, and the back-end with Ruby on Rails.

Happy holidays! =)

Edit 2017: Still would like to do this, but have no time, another project for the abandoned projects stack